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Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District’s (HMHD) mission statement is “To be the area’s leading healthcare organization by being a good steward of its finances, a catalyst for the delivery of new and enhanced healthcare services, a consistent supporter of health and wellness, and a reliable healthcare resource for District residents.”

In that spirit,  HMHD has budgeted $25,000.00 to fund local health initiatives within District boundaries for Fiscal Year  2024  (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024). The following  guidelines will give prospective grant  applicants  a comprehensive understanding to HMHD’s direction and funding priorities.

Program Funding Criteria:

HMHD grant approval criteria includes alignment with HMHD’s Mission and Vision Statements. HMHD will entertain proposals that enhance access to care, promote health, and enhance health awareness.

Population Served

As a public agency, HMHD grant funds must serve only HMHD residents (residents of the City of Calexico area). Maps of the District  are  available  a t the offices  o f th e Registrar   of   Voters, the  Local  Agency  Formation  Commission (LAFCO), and at the District office located at 601 Heber Ave., Calexico, CA 92231.

Term of Funding

Grants  are valid for  a  maximum of  twelve (12) months.  An extension of the grant  period requires  approval  of  a  grant extension or a separate grant. Organizations are cautioned to conduct their  programs and activities with  the assumption  that  the program will end on the scheduled completion date.

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